YEX™ C60 - Anti-Inflammatory Free Radical Terminator - 60 day supply
YEX™ C60 - Anti-Inflammatory Free Radical Terminator - 60 day supply
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YEX™ C60 - Anti-Inflammatory Free Radical Terminator - 60 day supply



    "I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis... it took about five weeks for it to start working... the effects came on kind of subtle... I noticed I went for approximately three weeks without any pain regularly... the over all benefits have been pretty amazing to me"

    "My problem was very bad arthritis in my knees to the point I couldn't even stand up without assistance. And since taking the product not just the pain but mobility has improved. I can get up without anybody's assistance"

    "I had to go upstairs one leg at a time... I started taking the EON... within about three weeks I noticed a major difference... the arthritis in my knees is for all practical purposes it's gone."


    • Customers with arthritis report reduction of pain and inflammation after 3-5 weeks of taking either YEX™ C60 or EON C60.
    • YEX™ C60 is a powerful agent that will reduce inflammation in the body, boost your immune system, help you distribute energy throughout your body and leave you feeling good throughout the day.

    • YEX™ C60 is water soluble which makes it highly bioavailable so the body can quickly absorb the C60 with all the health benefits that come with it. 

    Below are some of the native main functions of YEX™ C60 which makes it an incredible supplement:

    • Reduces Inflammation
    • Increases Energy
    • Increases Focus
    • Removes Free Radicals
    • Enhances Cell Metabolism
    • Inhibits Cell Degradation
    • Preserves Bone Strength
    • Enhances Cartilage
    • Powerful Antioxidant, about 172 times more effective than Vitamin C

    Delivery method:  Droplet attached to lid inside bottle
    Servings per container: 120
    Suggested use:  5 drops (0.25ml) 1 or 2 times daily 

    Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) - 0.5 mg

    Other ingredients:
    - Buckminsterfullerene
    - Distilled Water
    - Potassium Sorbate

    99.99+% vacuum-sublimed, pure, solvent-free anisotropic hydroxylated C60 mineral.

      Customer Reviews

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      Country: Los Angeles USA
      No more PAIN!

      I used to suffer from pretty bad carpal tunnel pain in hands and wrists for the last 4 years straight. I tried all the prescription drugs that my doctor my issued and none of them worked and quickly or as well as YEX has for me. Within 5 days I noticed a substantial reduction in pain in my hands and writs. I was able to slowly come of my prescription meds over the course of 2 months. I love the extra energy that I feel throughout the day and I am recommending this to everyone I know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

      Country: us
      Free from rheumatoid arthritis !

      I still find it hard to believe but as of the time I'm writing this I've been free from my arthritis for over a month! This stuff works!!!

      Country: US
      I can golf again!

      After playing golf for over 40 years I had developed a terrible pain in my left shoulder that would get worse each time I tried swinging. I have been taking yex for about a month and it's now been over two weeks since I felt pain in my shoulder. This weekend I played a full 18 holes again for the first time in years without any pain during or after. Amazing!

      Country: Orange County USA
      No more brain fog

      It used to take me 2 cups of tea to wake up and be alert in the morning. Especially since this covid era, working home with 3 kids is extremely exhausting. My neighbor recommended this amazing product to me because it helped him with his knee pain. I used to run often in college before children and I had serval leg injuries throughout my life that I would feel on a daily basis. After using this product for a week all of my pain is gone and I feel energized! Daily !! This has totally transformed my life. Thank you! I have been recommending this to everyone I know!

      Country: USA
      No more pain

      After taking YEX for 3 days the pain in my right wrist vanished. I injured my write in a snowboarding accident years ago and I have felt the pain ever since then. Not only did the pain leave but I feel like I am getting better quality sleep and waking up more energized ever since.