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Parts of your body are aching with pain. You’ve noticed increased redness and swelling of these areas and your body temperature has even risen quite noticeably. These symptoms may sound familiar: your body is experiencing inflammation.


By definition, inflammation is the process through which your body fights off infection and protects you from harm. This is accomplished through the use of white blood cells which are directed by our immune system and sent to problem areas to surround and protect these places of interest. These cells move through the blood and tissue within our bodies like security guards looking for foreign invaders. This type of inflammatory response can be classified as acute, which usually occurs after burns, cuts and infections and is resolved within a short time.

Another type of inflammatory response (classified as chronic) is one that lasts much longer (typically months or years). It can be initiated in response to foreign particles, prolonged irritation of chemicals, as well as infections that refuse to be controlled in a short period of time.



Knee Pain

Inflammatory arthritis is a common type of inflammation experienced by many. 24 million adults in the US alone experience arthritis-linked complications, and more than one in four report severe joint pain (per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This pain is caused by inflammation, and can potentially erode your joints.

C60’s application here is complex, yet made simple: it neutralizes the bad actors involved in the inflammatory response by attaching to them.

Carbon 60 (C60)

Once attached, a C60 molecule then prepares the instigating party to be taken out by the body’s circulatory system. C60 fundamentally sets itself apart from similar molecules in how its faces interact during the inflammatory immune response.

One particular face of the molecule sticks to inflamed regions while another sticks to the blood (containing the delivery vehicle). An interesting way to envision C60’s function is to imagine it behaving like a garbage truck picking up trash around your neighborhood. In this example, the C60 “truck” scans the body for bad particles and picks them up for removal/disposal from inflamed parts of your body. By getting these harmful agents out of your body, C60 can improve the health of areas such as your joints and decrease the severity of inflammation.

C60 Structure


EON C60 & ME

Now that you have a stronger grasp of what C60 is and how it functions, you might be asking yourself how it can help to improve your life. The first step to take is to personally try it out and see firsthand how it can alleviate your symptoms. Countless people like you or someone you love have been suffering from inflammation-based discomfort and pain and have tried plenty of options with no success. Over-the-counter pain pills don’t seem to help in the long run, and more complicated medications help at different levels but bring their own host of side-effects that may leave you uncertain.


Scott Page's experience with EON C60

Scott Page | PINK FLOYD


EON C60 could not only change how inflammation affects your body, but also improve your day-to-day health for the better. While taking our supplement regularly, you could experience a reduction of pain and inflammation (as well as a boosted immune system) in a matter of weeks.

For many arthritis sufferers, joint pain and fatigue go hand in hand. There is a lot of doubt, depression and anxiety centered around how your arthritis might limit you today and in the future. If you are tired of inflammation’s hold on your well-being and happiness, we highly recommend using the EON C60 supplement to regain control of your health. Join a number of others who have been given a new lease on life through EON C60 and enjoy some peace of mind.

Start a supplement today and remember what it feels like to live a life free from your limitations!

Written by Dalu Ejiofor




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