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EON C60™ - Discover the future through the worlds only
water soluble C60 supplement

Nano Genesis Labs proudly presents EON C60™, the only patented and guaranteed NON-TOXIC WATER SOLUBLE Carbon 60 supplement. EON C60™ provides high bioavailability making it extremely compatible and beneficial to the human body.

What does Water Soluble and NON-TOXIC mean?

Since 2005, thousands of other research reports and experimental works have been produced and published. Nevertheless, no research team was able to produce water soluble fullerol without using toxic solvents in their processes, thereby making purification difficult for the hydroxylated derivatives of C60.

In early February 2018, for the first time in human history, our team invented a non-toxic synthesis for fullerols. We not only successfully created C60(OH)x without using toxic solvents, but also optimized the process to produce the most biologically effective form of C60(OH)8 in an acceptable food grade purity.

This advancement in C60 technology sets the EON C60™ above the old edible fullerene benchmarks, which had a limited biological uptake because of a reliance on saturated fats and unhealthy oils that were needed as carriers.  However, even pristine C60 is about 172 times more powerful as a general antioxidant than vitamin C. (Akhtar, 2017).

While oil-based C60 was able to nearly double the lifespan of lab rats, (Baati, 2012), EON C60™ in water is much more bioavailable.

EON C60™


Increased Longevity

C60 has been shown to nearly double the lifespan of test subjects. (Baati, 2012). Skin aging is characterized by thinner and laxer skin, dry and rough skin, reduced skin elasticity, formation of wrinkles, and over‑pigmentation; each of these effects are reduced by fullerol (Li, 2017).

Anti Inflammation

Water-soluble C60 fullerol prevents intervertebral disk degeneration (Yang, 2014), prevents degeneration of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis (Yudoh, 2007), and inhibits free-radical destructive processes causing inflammatory arthritis in connective tissues (Mamontova, 2016, and Dellinger, 2015).

Powerful Antioxidant

Water soluble fullerols C60(OH)x have expressed up to 2- to 12- times better peroxide quenching capacity than C60. However, even pristine C60 is about 170 times more powerful as a general antioxidant than vitamin C. (Akhtar, 2017). Animal models show that C60 acts as an efficient and safe antioxidant and tissue-protecting agent to limit reactive oxygen species (ROS) and to confer neural protection against astrocyte damage and liver failure associated with diabetes (Nedzvetsky, 2012).

Increased Cognitive Development - ALLERGY ALEVIATION - Stroke (Heart attack) Prevention

Increased Cognitive Development

C60 confers neuroprotection by disrupting and taking apart the beta amyloid plaques formed in Alzheimer’s disease (Zhou, 2014). C60 also shows an enhancing effect on the growth of new neurons or neurites (Tsumoto, 2010). As well, the soluble fullerols are reported to be useful in the treatment of neurological inflammation associated with lower back pain (Liu, 2015).

Allergy Alleviation

The interaction between the immune system and C60 fullerols with allergen complexes may be helpful in preventing the onset of new sensitizations to different allergens, as well as reducing the development of asthma in patients with allergic rhinitis (Di Felice, 2017). One promising way to deliver C60 fullerols for this application is through the nasal passages, where direct interaction with the mast cells responsible for histamine production are located (Dellinger, 2010).

Stroke (Heart attack) Prevention

Polluted air, especially air containing ozone, causes long term oxidative stress that contributes to arterial plaques that may, along with factors such as diet and genetic heritage, lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. C60(OH)8 is a very powerful antioxidant, capable to reduce or even to avoid oxidative stress effects in the long term. Fullerene nanoparticles protect brain cells against ischemia and reperfusion injury in stroke, and inhibit brain cell oxidative damage during and after stroke (Vani, 2016).

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