Nano Genesis Labs was founded to heal the world. We strive to do so by providing the world with supplements derived from cutting edge nanotechnology that heal the body on a molecular level without introducing toxins that can cause dangerous side effects.

Our team has developed a series of extraordinary and proprietary technologies, producing high quality fullerene derivatives having anisotropic character with biochemical availability on a cellular level, applying as well to drug transport.

Our improved series of fullerene nanoparticle derivatives are capable of combining and therefore neutralizing harmful free radical oxygen species associated with the inception of inflammatory oxidative stress diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, alzheimer's, and ischemic reperfusion injury (stroke), being also in the class of materials generally purposed as anti-cancer and anti-tumor theranostic treatments.

We strive to improve the human condition and lifespan quality through the economic development of fullerene derivatives and other products having health benefits.