What is the MIND EXPANDER?

The Mind Expander was designed for those who demand more from their cognitive abilities. This groundbreaking supplement provides a natural, carbon-based, water-soluble solution to improve focus, mental stamina, and information processing.

The patented molecule in Mind Expander, free from toxic chemicals and side effects, yields immediate results by delivering ATP and Glutathione when ever you need it. The Mind Expander can be utilized either as an inhaler or in drop form.

Professional athletes who use the Mind Expander inhaler have experienced enhanced oxygen uptake, resulting in the surpassing of personal records. Performance coaches have informed us that these athletes are more focused, less preoccupied mentally, and are able to enter the flow state, enabling them to perform at their best when it matters most.

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"My mind is finely tuned and focused, and my perceptions are crystal clear in just a few days. Now I can imagine what this is doing to my son! Everyone needs to hear about this!"
- Michelle


Dr. Bruce Fishman MD, MPH, FICS Regenerative Orthopedic Care

"I recommend this to all my patients."


How does it work?

We have successfully bonded ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to our patented water-soluble C60 molecule and designed it to deliver the ATP directly to the mitochondria in the brain.

We added Glutathione because of its anti-inflammatory properties and helps protect the lungs from damage caused by pollutants, toxins, and allergens. This can improve respiratory health.


Who is the MIND EXPANDER for?

This nootropic is ideal for any individual, young or old, who is experiencing extended hours of mental pressure such as: Formula 1 drivers, fighter jet pilots, surgeons, med/law students, gamers, nurses, firefighters and executives, to mention a few.

Why does it matter so much that our products are water-soluble?

The body consist of at least 65% water and 18% carbon. Taking a clean water-soluble carbon supplement free from toxic ingredients will ensure extremely high bioavailability.

Our products are designed to match how the body functions and work with it, instead of attempting to highjack and manipulate.


"If you want to perform better, think clear and sleep better. Pick it up now!"

- Dr. Patrick Porter

Q: I get nauseated from caffeine and energy drinks. Will MIND EXPANDER give me that as well?

A: No. MIND EXPANDER does not contain any caffeine. MIND EXPANDER uses C60 to deliver ATP to your brain which is why you get a boost of mental energy.

Q: What is ATP?

A: ATP is short for adenosine triphosphate. ATP is an organic compound that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells. It is an important “energy molecule” found in all life forms.

Q: What does C60 mean?

A: C60 is short for Carbon 60 which is the natural molecule found in MIND EXPANDER.

Q: What is C60?

A: C60 is a molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms. Under the microscope you can see that the C60 molecule is shaped and looks like a soccer ball.

“I could take the mind expander and literally the anxiety of all the things that I have to get done just goes away. It it it didn't slow me down. It didn't, do anything except, just really made me feel okay with all the things I had to face.”

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