Q: What does C60 mean?
A: C60 is short for Carbon 60.

Q: What is C60?
A: C60 is a molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms shaped like a tiny soccer ball.

Q: What does C60 do?
A: C60 reduces inflammation in the body, helps to increase energy, prolong life, enhance vitality and improve over-all health.

Q: What does bioavailable mean?
A: It means that the body can easily absorb the nutrients.

Q: What does water soluble mean? 
A: Instead of using oils to deliver C60 into the body we use water which is significantly more bioavailable. 

Q: What does non-toxic mean?
A: It means that our C60 supplement is created without using toxic solvents.

Q: What is the difference between oil based C60 and your water soluble C60?
A: Water soluble C60 is much more bioavailable.